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How to Convert Angles.

To convert angles from one unit to another multiply by the correct variable number.

Follow these steps:

  • Find the correct conversion variable number.
  • Then multiply by that number.

Angle - a geometric term describing a figure that consists of two rays with a common end point. These rays are referred to as sides. The units that are most commonly used to describe an angle are degrees and radians. All angle units are parts of a complete turn, for example a degree is 1/360th of a complete turn.

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publication date: 15-11-2016

How to use Converters

Select the Unit you want to convert From (first list) and the Unit you want convert To (second list).

Insert your value to of the unit at the First text box and push the Convert button!

The result of the conversion will be appear at the Second text box.

To Flip the conversion from the units you selected push the Flip Arrows.

How to use Calculators

First fill in all the mandatory fields of the form.

Push the Calculate button and take the results.

You can have a better accuracy in your results when you fill in the additional fields, if there are any.

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